Off Campus Handbook

Brigham Young University- Hawaii focuses on the spiritual and moral as well as the academic aspects of Education. BYU-Hawaii exists solely to offer a unique educational and living environment consistent with the religious standards of its sponsor –  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The University seeks to foster an environment for its single students living off campus that is conducive to their moral and spiritual growth as well as their academic performance.

BYU-Hawaii works with the community to provide accommodations for some of its single and married students. Therefore the University has established a contract housing program for its single students to promote the desired environment off-campus. 

The purpose of this handbook is to help University single students, contract landlords and managers to understand their responsibilities and commitments in helping BYU-Hawaii cultivate an environment, in off-campus housing facilities, where single students would be best able to realize their spiritual and academic potential.

Certification of Student Status

Tenants must be BYU-Hawaii students or accepted as a student for the next semester or term. Non-students cannot participate in BYU-Hawaii contract housing. Declaration of status as a student is material to and relied upon by the landlord in entering into the contract rental agreement and such other legal and equitable remedies as the landlord should deem and pursue.

Separation of Male and Female Students

The courts have recognized that private institutions, such as BYU-Hawaii, can segregate their single students on the basis of gender in their contract off-campus housing.